WSR: #25: August 21th - 28th 2022

CTFs, GCED, and Youtube Videos

Published: August 28, 2022

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This Week’s Recap

I ended up working a stupid amount of hours this week. Probably going to lay low next week and just go over some GDSA material so I can (finally) get on with other things. I’ve had so much going on and 0 time to spend studying for it.


  • Started day 1 of the GCED class. Today covered defensible security architecture from a 10,000 foot view. Interesting stuff but not nearly as in depth as the GDSA material.
  • Finished up creating tabs for each chapter of my GDSA books. I will be taking the exam for this class soon!
  • Spent some time trying to iron out some bugs in a python tool I’m working on to help manage this site.


  • Day 2 of the GCED class which covered the basics of pentesting. Not a ton of new info here but did have some interesting discussions.
  • Started looking into how to learn more about ansible which seems to fit a lot of my needs for automating tasks for my Linux servers.
    • Ansible also seems to be one of those tools that will be incredibly useful to know no matter what I’m doing. Its certainly on my list of things I really want to learn
    • Watched this quick overview of running ansible playbooks
  • Read the very interesting story about Mudge’s claims about twitter.


  • Solidified something pretty cool that I will be posting about on Monday :)
  • Finished day 3 of GCED which was the intrusion analysis day. This day was basically a 1 day overview of the entire GCIA class I took not too long ago.
  • Began going through the GDSA books and taking notes. My typical workflow for completing the masters classes is:
    1. Watch the on demand classes (without taking notes, just paying attention)
    2. Go through each book and take through notes on topics that I don’t know 100% OR notes on topics that could be useful to me in the future.
    3. Take practice test #1
    4. Review videos/notes on sections I scored low on in the practice test #1.
    5. Take second practice test
    6. Review videos/notes on sections I scored low on in the practice test #2.
    7. Take certification exam.


  • Went through the first half of the first GDSA book and took notes.
    • I typically don’t use my notes on the exam(I generally just use the physical books) but taking notes really helps me solidify the knowledge as well as have a good way to quickly remember the important information about a topic so I try to do it before I take my exam when I still have the motivation to get through all the content.


  • Filmed two youtube videos that will be going up this week.
    • Trying to get over the mental block of “Well there are people who are much better at this than me so I should let them make videos on it”



  • Spent most of the day doing a private CTF.
  • Spent some time finally fixing all the issues that arose from moving my server around. Mostly fixing a lot of DNS entries that were messed up when I (purposefully but unnecessarily) factory reset my DHCP server.
    • Currently I’m using pihole for my DNS server. Do you use something else that you like? Let me know, I’m looking into other options just to give them a try.
  • Published this blog :)
  • Be sure to check my twitter tomorrow for a cool announcement

Have any questions

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me on twitter. See you next Sunday. :)